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Who we are

We are a Salesforce partner making digital transformation possible. Our solutions enable you to deliver exceptional customer experiences and slick processes with the use of a flexible platform at the heart of your business.

Alicorns Difference

Our Team

Alicorn is built on our people. We’re passionate, skilful and enthusiastic for customer success.

We are a team of Account Managers, Project Managers, Technical Consultants, Consultants, and Business Analysts but we’re also a team of entrepreneurs, ‘doers’ and problem solvers who are all obsessive about technology and exploring how the Salesforce platform can move our customers forward.

Pritesh Lodhia


I started Alicorn with Jonny with the idea of pairing big 4 governance with the unique culture and agility of an independent Salesforce Partner. I am particularly proud of our ability to keep pace with Salesforce and deliver solutions including the full suite of Salesforce products. This enables us to be a true longterm digital transformation partner for all businesses no matter their ambition.

Jonny Ward


With 6+ years in the Salesforce Eco-System, I’m proud to see where Alicorn is now and the future that we’re creating everyday. Building a company that provides Professional and Personal Growth as well as Inclusivity is a huge passion of mine.

Our Values

To build and implement solutions that maximise ROI for our customers


Passion for winning together, passion to find the right solution for our customers and a passion for seeing our customers succeed and grow.


Build and maintain a team who have a passion for personal growth and learning.


Respect for the individual and treating our customers the way we’d like to be treated.


Being rigorous is our mantle – always taking ownership of projects.


Putting our customers’ customers and users at the heart of the solution and always working to make the process simple for everyone and to always intimately understand our customers’ business and culture so we create a solution that their business is ready to embrace and adopt.


Alicorn strives to be an employer of choice in the Salesforce ecosystem and wider tech community. We may not be as big as the global giants but we aim to provide a space just as enticing.