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Financial, Business and Professional Services

Whether you are a Financial, Business or Professional Services organisation – visibility is key. To be the best in your field, it is important to implement the right marketing tools to make your services visible to the market and the right CRM platform to track your customers, pipeline and projects. It is imperative that you know your customer intimately and engage tools which enable intuitive and personalised communications to win and retain business as well as being able to offer value.

The team at Alicorn was very good at listening and understanding our requirements. They were open and patient with all our questions and ensuring that they could meet our expectations.

Ben Carter
Head of Market Development

Recommended Cloud Technology

Some of our valued customers

Commerce Cloud implementation for B2B Customer to self-service and pay invoices automatically

Utilising Sales Cloud for processing and increasing automation for a Global commodities trader

Mapping end-to-end business processes on Salesforce - from leads and sales management to field service

To help drive our business to the next level, we selected Salesforce as our new CRM platform and Alicorn Digital as our Salesforce Partner to deliver our new solution. Central to our new CRM was the ability to manage our Partner Ecosystem efficiently – this included the definition and tracking of sales processes in coordination with our Partner network and the build-out of a complex sales allocation/commission model. Our solution also critically included the build of a Community Portal to allow deeper collaboration and visibility on Opportunities with our Partner organisations. We are extremely happy with our Salesforce solution would recommend Alicorn to any business within the High-Tech space looking to adopt Salesforce.”

James Mullins
Global Head of Sales

Some of our valued customers

At Alicorn, we can help you understand which tools will work for your business and how your employees can adopt this new technology.

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